We were monitoring the performance of our OCSP service over the weekend and found an odd dip. In this case, the OCSP traffic indicates that users are going to sites protected with Entrust SSL certificates.

After a little digging, it was found the dip was related to the Super Bowl (times are EST).

Some of this is normal traffic changes, but it can be clearly seen that traffic dropped at the start of the game, increased at halftime and the blackout, decreased for the second half and then increased after the game.

Funny that Internet traffic increased at halftime. I thought those users would have wanted to see Beyoncé.

Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton

Bruce Morton is a pioneering figure in the PKI and digital certificate industry. He currently serves as Director for Certificate Services at Entrust Datacard, where he has been employed since 1999. His day-to-day responsibilities include managing standards implementations, overseeing Entrust Datacard’s policy authority, and monitoring Entrust Certificate Service for industry compliance.