Financial institutions are increasingly faced with stringent security and risk requirements imposed by regulations, pressures for new sources of revenue through innovative offerings, and savvy customers that demand speed and convenience. Trends such as instantly issuing cards, unique one-of -kind card programs, and programmable devices such as mobile and Near Field Communications (NFC) devices are challenging organizations to conduct business differently. Speed, customer convenience, security and flexibility are more critical than ever before.

To stay competitive, organizations need to evaluate their existing card issuance infrastructure so that they can easily adapt to more flexible and secure card issuance program requirements.  By implementing an integrated platform of products and solutions that enable total flexibility to issue secure cards and anytime, anywhere, they can gain market share and differentiate themselves.


And, although it is important to offer innovative products and services that meet the demands of today’s consumers, it is extremely important to also safeguard personal and financial data with the most robust security, even for mobile transactions.

Having a tightly integrated platform of hardware, software, supplies and global support from a single source - not a collection of disparate systems from various companies - enables organizations to easily evolve and grow their programs - ensuring maximum security and flexibility to manage card programs exactly the way they want to.


By implementing a scalable infrastructure and business model, organizations will have the freedom to manage their card issuance programs the way they want to and easily evolve them over time.  Having flexible issuance options such as central issuance, instant issuance or even mobile issuance, financial institutions, retailers and other card issuers can ultimately take advantage of:

  • Increased activation rates and card usage
  • Meet consumer demand for personalized financial cards
  • Differentiate from local competitors
  • Generate new streams of revenue
  • Strengthen customer loyalty
  • Attract new customers
  • Reduce costs related to mail theft and lost cards

Finding secure and trusted solutions that can seamlessly integrate into existing systems and scale to fit any card issuance program’s needs, will help ensure that financial institutions receive the best return on investment (ROI) now and in the future.

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