Certificate Management

Security beyond the certificate - The most important step to securing your web servers

Greatly reduce certificate management security issues with Entrust Certificate Services. Our certificate management system increases visibility to security loopholes helping you to stay in compliance and prevent threats. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with realizing more service uptime and maintaining brand reputation.

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Entrust Certificate Management

Certificate Services takes the guesswork out of certificate management and is available as a value add to all customers who purchase digital certificates from Entrust Datacard. Accessible from any web browser an intuitive dashboard delivers critical insights in real-time reporting on actionable activity that helps you avoid security lapses and stay in compliance.

Recognized by industry analyst's Frost & Sullivan for the certificate management solution with the "Best Innovation Initiated in 2015", see what else Entrust Certificate Services can do for you."

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See how Certificate Services can consolidate all your certificates into a single, centralized dashboard.

Measurable Benefits

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Application outages from unexpected certificate expiry.

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SSL/TLS certificate management.

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Issuing CAs and save time.

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Protect your brand by preventing or finding certificate issues early.

See how Entrust Certificate Services takes the guesswork out of certificate life-cycle management.



Flexible licensing options lets you choose the plan that works best for your unique business environment helping you to optimize SSL certificate management not just for added value, but to actually save money.

Subject Based Program

Reusable Licenses for Changing Web Environments

Our unique Subscription based plan lets customer reuse SSL/TSL certificates for a cost effective way to plan and budget their SSL/TSL certificate inventory.


Units Based Program

Traditional Certificate License Provisioning

This is a units based system for all digital certificate types where certificates can be used for 1, 2 or 3 years, each year consuming one unit.


94% of surveyed Entrust Certificate Services customers agree the Subscription Plan is effective in saving money on digital certificates.

Source: TechValidate survey of 405 users of Entrust Datacard


Learn how Entrust's Certificate Management System can deliver each area below.


Continually monitor discovered certs, web servers for secure configuration and vulnerabilities - and applications for threats


Certificate expiry notifications, reports on compliance proof and certificate populations and tools to receive alerts and automatically escalate problems as they arise


Find rogue certificates, identify certificate locations and import to central management console


Best practices for securely installing certificates, tools to auto-install certificates and recurring validation of proper certificate installation


Intuitive request/approval workflows, customization options, and flexible pickup models

Inventory Management

Flexible business models and customer friendly policies allow for recycling certificate and unlimited server licenses

Entrust Certificate Business Models at a Glance

Feature Lite Enterprise
Easy to use & powerful cloud-based interface
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Centralized Certificate Management to a Single Dashboard
done done done
Consolidated Management for Entrust
& non-Entrust Certificates
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Certificate Revocation Tool
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Lifecycle Management
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Multi-level Expiry Notifications
done done done
Instant Issuance of Certificates (on Pre-approved Domains)
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Web-based Request Form with Admin Approvals
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Synchronize & Control SSL/TLS Certificate Expiration
Supports Multiple Users with Different Privileges
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Integrated SSL/TLS Tools (CSR Command Generators,
Certificate viewer, CSR Viewer, etc.)
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Easy Application Integration w/API
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Multi-organizational Support
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Venafi Integration
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ServiceNow Integration
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This is why industry analysts, Frost and Sullivan, recognized Entrust Datacard for best innovation.
Our automated SSL Server Test is essential to checking for a secure server lifecycle, a critical component
to managing certificates. We do our best to continually ensure that our customers have the very best
customer experience while extending the highest level of security available.


AUTOMATIC SSL SERVER TEST: Tests servers for secure SSL server configuration


AUTO-INSTALLERS: Reduce errors and save time - available for Windows IIS, Apache & Apache variants


POLICY & BEST PRACTICE ALERTS: Notification when certificates violate policy and best practices


CERTIFICATE RECYCLING: Reuse SSL certificates for cost savings and inventory planning


WEBSITE SECURITY BUNDLES: Malware detection/remediation, reputation monitoring, Vulnerability/App scanning


INTEGRATED CERTIFICATE DISCOVERY: Find and track rogue certificates


BULLETPROOF SSL EBOOK: Best Practices advice from an industry leading expert


CONFIGURABLE DASHBOARD & CUSTOM REPORTING: The information you need when & where you need it


USER FRIENDLY POLICIES: Instant Issuance, unlimited reissues and server licensing for SSL/TLS


Why use the Entrust TRUSTWORTHY SITE SEAL?

Entrust Site Seal

Let your visitors know they are on a secure Web site, with the Entrust Site Seal. It’s been proven that customers have increased confidence and lower “abandonment” when you use a site seal. The Entrust Site Seal establishes your business as a safe place to do online business, giving users a higher level of trust.

In today’s business environment, it is imperative that organizations establish trust with their customers online. The best way? Let your visitors know you have taken steps to ensure the security of their information by clearly displaying the Entrust Site Seal.*

  • Posting the Entrust Site Seal on your Web site let’s your visitors know that you are committed to online security.
  • Unless you deploy Extended Validation Certificates, the only indication of a secure connection customers receive is a small lock on the bottom of Web browsers. Customers may not know to look for this lock, but will be assured by a security seal.
  • Reduces shopping cart abandonment and increases order completions.
  • Just by clicking the Entrust Site Seal, visitors can verify your site’s authenticity and certificate status.

Entrust is recognized as a trusted security brand for more than a dozen years, providing layered security solutions that help instill confidence for consumers, enterprise and governments. Now you can leverage that brand to help secure the identities of your own customers.

Entrust Customers: For information on how to download the Entrust Site Seal, please visit The Entrust Site Seal FAQ page.

*The Entrust Site Security Seal is included with each Entrust SSL certificate. The Entrust Site Security Seal is a Web-enabled clickable logo, which is licensed to Web sites that use Entrust digital certificates.