Technology Alliance Program

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Fostering Partnerships, Powering Solutions

The Entrust Datacard Technology Alliance Program fosters partnerships with leading organizations to provide simple, powerful, security and technology solutions that address real-world business challenges. Because today’s technology ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, strong business alliances and partnerships are essential. Our goal at Entrust Datacard is to ensure that all of our customers and partners can live and work confidently, safely and securely in our connected world.

Easy-to-Use, Results-Driven, Partner-Focused

The Entrust Datacard Technology Alliance Program offers numerous resources to support all of our partnerships. From simple co-deployment validation testing to co-development and marketing of new solutions, the Entrust Datacard Technology Alliance Program is designed to be easy-to-use, results-driven and partner-focused.

Integration Tools and Support

The program provides Entrust Datacard Alliance partners with the technical tools and support to integrate Entrust Datacard Trusted Identities and Secure Transaction solutions with your organization’s products and services, or to develop new joint offerings.

Extend Market Reach and Drive Revenue

The program also provides tangible business and marketing benefits to extend market reach and drive revenue. The Entrust Datacard Alliance program is focused, easy to participate in and provides numerous benefits for participants and their customers.

Let’s solve the world’s toughest security challenges and
co-create successful solutions together.

We look forward to talking to you.



Identify the capabilities most relevant to your needs.

Authenticate Users and Devices

Entrust Datacard offers authentication solutions that provide strong security and fit with the way people prefer to work. Our authentication solutions — which can be delivered on-premise or as a managed service — address a range of needs, including:

  • Physical and logical access
  • VPN access
  • Transaction verification
  • Digital signatures
  • Federation to cloud-hosted applications

We can assist you with integrating Entrust Datacard Authentication technologies into your product offerings, including:

  • Leveraging open architectures
  • Development tools
  • Technical expertise

To find out more about how we can help you authenticate users and devices, please contact us.

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Integrate Digital Certificates into Your Application

Digital certificates are widely accepted as the strongest form of authentication, and Entrust Datacard is widely accepted as one of the premier suppliers of digital certificates. Our Entrust Datacard Certificate portfolio can meet a full range of enterprise requirements, covering a wide range of use cases with unique features to meet your needs, including:

  • Certificate-based authentication
  • Authentication of users and devices
  • Strong encryption
  • Browser trust
  • Enhanced security

EMM/MDM Certificate Enrollment Track Program

The EMM/MDM Certificate Enrollment Track Program is designed to allow Enterprise Mobility Management and Mobile Device Management solutions to transparently deploy Entrust Datacard digital identities on mobile devices, and to grant secure access to corporate networks and enable secure email. Through our Enrollment Track Program, Entrust on-premises or cloud based digital certificates may be provisioned and managed by an EMM/MDM organization.

How this Program Works

Upon registration, members are able to access our authentication expertise and leverage the latest resources to build and expand both joint and integrated solutions. The self-service component of the Technology Alliance Program allows participants to access:

  • A fully configured, hosted integration environment
  • Technical documentation
  • Entrust Datacard Ready test plans
  • Support documentation for troubleshooting purposes
  • Support and Professional Services packages (optional purchase) to help plan, develop and implement an integrated solution

To find out more about the EMM/MDM Certificate Enrollment Track Program and how we can help you integrate digital certificates into your application, please contact us.

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Issue and Manage Identities and Credentials

Entrust Datacard is a market leader in both issuance software and hardware technology. We provide card agnostic solutions to customers across all tiers of financial institutions and financial services corporations. Our vast knowledge of EMV cards (i.e. “smart cards” or “chip cards”) and extensive issuance experience help us empower customers to issue EMV financial cards with confidence. EMV cards can be issued either centrally or instantly, depending on the partner’s requirements.

EMV Profile Development Program

The EMV Profile Development Program is a unique partnership with global card vendors to collaborate on EMV card specifications and the support required to deliver on customer projects. The objective of the program is to support customers with EMV profile development (i.e. “smart card” or “chip card” technology) based on their current and future issuance needs.

Working together with our partner, we will review product roadmaps and market drivers for technology advancements and mandates affecting EMV card specifications or profiles. By integrating these advancements and market drivers with Entrust Datacard issuance software and hardware technology, we will deliver enhanced solutions to end customers.

How this Program Works

Entrust Datacard will develop specific personalization applications in conjunction with card vendors based on customer needs and partner requirements. Entrust Datacard will then determine which cards and profiles will be integrated with which issuance products based on input from customers, card vendors and reseller partners. Testing and validation of the EMV profiles and their personalization capability will be conducted and the integrated cards will be designated Entrust Datacard Ready.

Partner requirements include the following components of their EMV card products:

  • Technical specifications of each card
  • Card Identification (CPLC ID & ATR)
  • Personalization logs

To learn more about the Entrust Datacard EMV Profile Development Program, including which options are available, the requirements of each party, and validation steps, please contact us.

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Use a Specific Entrust Datacard Solution

Entrust Datacard solutions provide trusted identities and secure transactions for thousands of organizations and millions of users across the globe. Whether you need to validate interoperability with Entrust Datacard for a customer engagement, or you want to integrate an Entrust Datacard solution into your product offerings to create a bold new solution that solves a unique customer problem, we can help.

Let’s solve the world’s toughest security challenges and co-create successful solutions together. We look forward to talking to you.


Alliances are the new normal. We know you’re looking to put your brand in front of as many targeted consumers as possible and do it in a strategic way. Strengthen your competitive edge, increase revenues and provide better customer experiences by partnering with Entrust Datacard.

Entrust Datacard has a long track record of creating value for our customers by enabling trusted identities and secure transactions for a wide range of businesses and organizations around the world. Our focus is to help both our partners and our joint customers differentiate themselves, power their business performance, and drive customer loyalty.

Benefits of joining include:

  • A partner-focused program that’s easy-to-use and results-driven.
  • Combine your strengths with ours to develop innovative applications and services.
  • Gain direct access to Entrust Datacard’s technology experts.
  • Share industry best practices and develop your network.
  • Receive the sales and marketing support you need to grow your business and ensure our joint customers’ satisfaction.

Benefits Guide


Program Guide


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Let’s solve the world’s toughest security challenges and co-create successful solutions together.

We look forward to talking to you.



Who are some current Technology Alliance Program partners?

To see our current program partners, please visit the Entrust Datacard Partner Directory and ‘Select All” using the Technology Integrations filter. View Partner Directory »

What is Entrust Datacard Ready?

The Entrust Datacard Ready designation is awarded to Technology Alliance Partners who have successfully met the product interoperability test criteria as defined by Entrust Datacard. This designation provides customers with the confidence to deploy joint solutions from Entrust Datacard and its partners.

Want to become Entrust Datacard Ready or have questions you’d like to ask?

If you would like to partner with us to build a better product using our technologies or want to talk to one of our experts, please contact us using the form below. Please provide your company information and a description of the offering you are proposing. The more detailed description you can provide, the faster we can process your application.

Let’s solve the world’s toughest security challenges and
co-create successful solutions together.

We look forward to talking to you.



Let’s co-create successful security solutions together.