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Entrust Datacard announces today announced that the company has appointed two new board members.

Integration provides Azure Active Directory customers use of both Entrust Datacard and Microsoft’s flexible capabilities
Acquisition extends Entrust Datacard’s global reach in continental Europe and provides the company with enhanced digital signing capabilities


Posted on May 29, 2018 by MVNO Blog.

Posted on March 5, 2018 by Laura Bernheim a Managing Editor for HostingAdvice.

Posted on May 17, 2018 by PYMNTS.


PKI done properly follows a certain etiquette. There's lots to know about the technology – and even more about management and policy. So, for those who don't have time to learn it all, there's Entrust Datacard Managed Microsoft Certificate Authority (CA) Service. We know what proper PKI looks like, and the technology is only half of it. With the Entrust Datacard Managed Microsoft CA Service, you can maintain your current infrastructure and CA of choice without major investments in intern...

The CA/Browser Forum continues to improve domain name validation for SSL/TLS certificates. Following new methods to verify domain names using emails with CAA and DNS TXT, there are new methods to validate domain names using phone calls. CA/Browser Forum ballot SC14 will replace method 3, by using a phone number found in one of the following two methods: Method 15: WHOIS domain contact phone number Method 16: DNS TXT record phone contact Certification authorities (CAs) may still ...

We know you've heard it before: the "we're different" pitch. But give us a few minutes, and we think you'll see why we're so passionate about our PKI offering. Well-designed PKI is complex. The technology has its own share of intricacies, but the real challenge is setting up a proper PKI: one that runs according to best practices and expert policies that reduces business risks. That's why choosing a partner that goes beyond technology is important. Entrust Datacard pioneered PKI technol...

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