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Entrust Datacard contributes expertise to the new model helping IoT providers make the right security investments

Entrust Datacard recognized for its intelligent adaptive authentication platform for enterprise, government, and financial institutions.


Posted on January 1, 2018 by Ryan Zlockie of Entrust Datacard to discuss how continuous authentication atops fraud, protects identities, and provides a better user experience.

Thales featured an interview with Sandy Carielli in their Partner Spotlight



SSL Review: April 2018

Entrust Datacard’s monthly SSL review covers SSL/TLS discussions — recaps news, trends and opinions from the industry.


PSD2 and open banking are forcing the banking sector to rethink their digital banking strategy. Banks and retailers are transitioning from being transaction-focused to becoming customer-centric. 

There is a misconception that with increased regulation, comes increased costs, complexity and user friction. These are valid points, but they are not necessarily true. If banks leverage PSD2 as a catalyst to enable a secure digital banking experience, it will be an advantage as new competition emerges.

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