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Entrust Datacard's Marisia Campbell and Anahid Khajooei to participate in Ottawa's International Women's Week events

Leveraging its nCipher Security acquisition, nShield® Issuance HSMs are designed exclusively to deliver higher security for Entrust Datacard’s industry leading centralized and instant card issuance solutions

Latest high-assurance authentication offerings eliminate employee passwords and accelerate secure customer onboarding



Going contactless is suddenly in vogue. From elbow bumps to video conferencing to food delivery, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how society views close contact. The payments industry is no exception. Contactless payment use is expected to surge, analysts predict, because of the reputation paper bills have for being dirty and because passing and swiping credit cards can cause unnecessary contact at points of sale. Contactless payments include tap-and-go credit and debit cards that a...

Digital certificates – both public and private – continue to proliferate. Organizations need to be more security conscious than ever, especially as the way we do business is evolving. Traditional PKI use cases – like SSL, VPN, and mobile – are still leading the pack, but it's newer use cases like IoT and DevOps that are driving increased adoption. And trends like mobility, moving to the cloud, and short-lived certificates mean modern enterprise environments are getting more distributed and...

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been unsettling for all of us, personally and professionally. I'm writing today with a simple message for you and your business: We're here for you. As we stated in our last update, Entrust Datacard has a robust business continuity program in place. Our entire leadership team is focused on managing through the COVID-19 crisis. Like you, we are making sure that we stay informed on recommended best practices from experts like the World Health Organization (WHO), ...

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